ECA 041 - Artic Adapter/A

ECA 041 - Artic Adapter/A


Artic Portmaster Adapter/A ROS problem.

To determine if the Artic Portmaster Adapter/A should be replaced as described in the detail of this ECA:.

Check the labels on the ros modules located on the upper left corner of the card (position U19 and U20). Affected cards will have modules labeled version 2.1.

The problems corrected by this ECA are as follows:

(all of the following will result in communication failures).

The adapter may be left in a condition after Power on that will prevent the application software from allocating a port.

The DMA function of the adapter may not function if the customer's application software is calling the EDMA regs PROM service.

The Busmaster function of the adapter may fail if the customer's application software is calling the BM regs PROM service.

Use the physical check described above to identify cards requiring this ECA:.

Order FRU P/N 53F2603 through normal distribution.

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