ECA 040 - 314MB Disk Drive not coming ready

ECA 040 - 314MB Disk Drive not coming ready


Second 314MB fixed disk fails to come ready

To make available to the field an up-level fixed disk logic card for the 314 MB fixed disk manufactured by IBM

8580 model 311 with a second 314 megabyte fixed disk (drive D), manufactured by IBM, installed. A label on the side of the Disk Drive assembly will say "manufactured by IBM."

This ECA does not apply to fixed Disk Drives manufactured for IBM by other vendors.

A limited number of 8580 model 311's with a second 314 MB fixed disk installed, manufactured by IBM may intermittantly fail to be recognized during POST (Power-ON system test) at initial Power-on. Diagnostics will also fail to run on the drive in this position (drive "D").

A WARM boot (control + alt + delete keys depressed together) causes POST to run again, and the second fixed disk is then recognized and all operations are normal.

Only 314 MB fixed disks manufactured by IBM, used as drive "D" on 8580 model 311 systems are eligible for this ECA:.

The fixed disk logic card mounted on the 314 MB Disk Drive, FRU P/N 21F4580, should be ordered direct from Mechanicsburg parts distribution system and installed on the 314 MB fixed disk in the drive "D" position.

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