ECA 035 - 8514 Adapter/A in 8580

ECA 035 - 8514 Adapter/A in 8580


Provide replacement 8514/a in 8580

Provide a replacement 8514/A Adapter card when an early level card prevents 8580 system operation.

  1.  8580 hardware configuration which includes an early  level 8514/a adapter card. early level cards can be  identified by 75x9013 or 75x9014 printed on the card  in white ink.
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  2.  software utilizing expanded memory

Some 8580 hardware configurations which include an early level 8514/A card, combined with software that operates in expanded memory, may create an address conflict in system memory that prevents successful configuration or operation. To verify that an early level 8514/A card is causing the problem, remove the 8514/A card from the 8580 and attempt to configure. If configuration is successful, replace the card with a new level card.

Changes have been made to the 8514/A adapter so that the card occupies less rom address space, eliminating the memory address conflicts. To operate in the previously failing configuration, the new card requires version 1.01 of the 8514/A option diskette (PUB # G68X2366). option diskette version 1.01 can be used with early level and new level 8514/A cards. if the new level 8514/A is configured with option diskette version 1.00, The system will not recognize changes on the new 8514/A card. 8514/A cards ordered from FRU stock (P/N 1887971) will be new level cards, and for a limited time will include option diskette version 1.01.

This ECA is to be installed on an "as required" basis only. Order parts through normal distribution. All early level cards should be returned.

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