ECA 027 - SCSI Adapter/A

ECA 027 - mandatory; SCSI Adapter/A


Mandatory replacement of SCSI adapter FRU P/N 64F0124

To make available to the field a mandatory replacement SCSI (small computer systems interface) adapter with cache memory, option 6451110, FRU P/N 85F0000, in replacement for option 6451018, FRU P/N 64F0124, as a precautionary measure due to the possibility of undetected data modification in certain data transfer operations.

The part numbers have changed as follows:

SCSI adapter | old P/N | new P/N


without cache | FRU P/N 15F6561 | FRU P/N 85F0002

| option 6451005 | option 6451109


with cache | FRU P/N 64F0124 | FRU P/N 85F0000

| option 6451018 | option 6451110

8550 ECA 032 should be referenced for systems which have SCSI adapters without cache memory, option 6451005, FRU P/N 15F6561.

SCSI Adapter with cache memory, FRU P/N 64F0124, is indentified by P/N 64F1333 on top of the module at card position U47, located below the two memory sims present on the upper left hand corner of this adapter.

SCSI Adapters meeting the discription in the physical check must be replaced with the current level FRU P/N 85F0000, at the earliest possible opportunity.

Order parts by normal FRU ordering procedure. Orders for the old FRU P/N will automatically be substituted to the current FRU.

Only SCSI adapters meeting the physical discription are eligible for this ECA:.

Some systems may have multiple adapters, both with and without cache memory, installed. All SCSI adapters installed must be replaced with the current level FRU according to these instructions. Refer to 8550 ECA 032 for SCSI adapters without cache memory.

Order parts using normal FRU parts ordering procedures.

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