ECA 025 - 8514 noise

ECA 025 - 8514 noise / Power loss


8514 - Noise or loss of Power

Provide a replacement 8514 color display for a failing unit, that meets both following requirements:
  1.   serial number range
      1000000 thru 1080770 --- ECA expires 2/29/92.
     *************** and ****************************************
  2.  8514 produces a buzzing or sizzling noise, or has a  blank screen with the green LED off, when the Power  switch is on.

A small number of 8514 color displays may fail. The failure symptoms will be a total loss of Power or a noise during operation. The noise is a high frequency metallic vibration, also described as a buzz or a sizzle sound. The display may operate while producing this noise, but will continued use will result in total loss of Power. Upon loss of Power, the display screen will be dark and blank, and the Power indicator light will remain off when the Power switch is turned on. Power cannot be restored to the failing display.

This ECA provides a replacement display (FRU P/N 75X5945) at no charge to the customer for an 8514 that meets the physical check requirements.

If customer provides "proof of purchase", this ECA is effective for two (2) years from date of purchase.

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