ECA 020 - 8570 / 10483 errors

ECA 020 - 8570 - 10483 errors


8570 mod A21 and 121 having 10483 POST errors

Replace model A21 or 121 fixed disk that falls within established guidelines in the physical check.

Model 121 systems with a serial number below 72-9027617 and model A21 systems with a serial number below 72-6000679 that contain a 120MB fixed disk with a serial number of cxxxxxxx or 20133643 and below are eligible for this ECA:. ( x = any alpha or numeric number.)
8570 model A21 or 121 fixed disks P/N 90X9286 within the above specified serial number range can fail POST or Advanced Diagnostics with intermittent or solid 10483 POST or 10458. Advanced Diagnostic errors during or immediately following a cold Power up routine. All customers will be provided the option of on-site inspection and/or installation of this ECA: until february 15, 1990. After february 15, 1990 the ECA:'s standard service offering will be carry in service. ECA on-site service will be available to customers with NSD on-site service contracts for all other customers the ECA will be installed on a carry in basis.
The physical check portion of the ECA will be performed at the customer's request or while servicing the system for any system failure.
Ensure that the customer has a current system back-up before replacing the fixed disk.

Systems with a solid 10483 POST errors can not do system back- ups. The servicer or customer may temporarily eliminate the POST error and allow the backup program to run with these procedures. once the error is eliminated it will not reoccur unless the system is turned off.
Turn the system on, and wait for the normal completion of the Power on cycle (example: Power on pass word or time date menu). If the POST error occurs run the above on/off procedure several times. The starting torque of the drive motor should start the drive. If the 10483 POST error still occurs the servicer should turn the Power off, and remove and re-insert the original fixed disk. The movement caused by the removal and installation process should cause the fixed disk platter to move. This will eliminate the POST 10483 error. The disk data can now be backed up by the customer.
If these procedures do not eliminate the solid 10483 error call your IBM support center for further information.

Those customers expressing a desire to retain the removed fixed disk due to security reasons may do so at no cost when utilizing the following procedure in conjunction with ECA:020.

                          |                              |
                          |  _________________           |
                          | |  20133643 |     |          |
                          | |___________|_____|          |
                          |                              |
                          |         __________________   |
                          |        |P/N           IBM |  |
                          |        |FRU P/N           |  |
                          |        |mod               |  |
                          |        |made in Japan     |  |
                          |        |__________________|  |
                                  ribbon cable------>

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