ECA 011 - 80386/80387 conflict

ECA 011 - 80386/80387 conflict

80386/80387 conflict causes HANG condition on 8580


To determine if the system board should be replaced under certain conditions, as described in the detail section of this ECA.

Check the FRU part number located on the label near the I/O card sockets. If the system boards do not have the following information on the label.
  1.  P/N 33F8416 and EC level A79693 on model 041 / 071
  2.  P/N 33f8415 and ec level a79694 on model 111/311  then they should be replaced.

The EC numbers quoted here may change through the life of the product, but these numbers will be of a higher level. alternatively, an REA, number 18600149 or higher, as an example, may be found instead of the EC number.

The 8580 HANGs under certain conditions as a result of a conflict between the intel® 80386 processor, and the 80387 Coprocessor. All 8580 models are affected by this problem, But it will manifest itself only under certain operating conditions. It must be assumed that data has been lost if the system HANGs. Turning the system off and back on is necessary to regain control of the system.
If the system is equipped with a Math Coprocessor, is encountering conditions as described above and is not FRU P/N 33F8416 or FRU P/N 33F8415, replace the system planar board. For models 041 and 071 use FRU P/N 33F8416. For models 111 and 311 use FRU P/N 33F8415.

The Math Coprocessor should be removed from the old system board and installed on the new one.

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