ECA 003 - PC Network Adapter/A

ECA 003 - PC Network Adapter/A
PC Network Adapter in 8580 may cause 114 error during POST


  1.  To determine if the 114 error code during POST (power on  self test) is caused by an incorrect level of the IBM PC  network baseband Adapter/A or the IBM PC network adapter  II/A in the IBM Personal System/2 8580.
  2.  To inspect network adapters during service of an 8580  and determine if the adapter should be replaced.

When servicing a machine type 8580 with a PC Network Adapter installed, check the characters on the BAR code label on the component side of the adapter. the first 4 characters should be 236C, for example 236C0000356. If these characters are not 236C, replace the adapter. Use the following FRU numbers when replacing the adapters:

P/N 72x8102 - PC Network Baseband Adapter/A
P/N 72x8106 - PC Network Adapter II/A

Be sure replacement adapters also have the characters 236C as described above.

DETAIL: incorrect level of the PC Network adapters used in the personal system/2 machine type 8580 may cause error code 114 during POST (Power-ON self test). (note that POST error code 114 is a valid error code and may also be caused by other detected hardware failures.) However, even if the Network adapter is not causing the 114 error and it meets the conditions described in the "physical check" section, It should be replaced.
The POST error code 114, due to an incorrect level of PC Network adapter, may be intermittent or solid. Network Adapter diagnostics will aid in isolating this intermittent condition. if diagnostics are used to find the problem, the error code will be 3052.

This ECA does not affect machine types 8550 or 8560, since all levels of Personal System/2 PC Network Adapters can be used in these machine types without concern.

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