PC 700 No Display, 1-2-2 Beep Code

See also RETAIN tip H13964  (27-Sep-95)

PROBLEM Description
PC 700 No Display, 1-2-2 Beep Code after System Board replacement

IBM PC 700 MicroChannel Series systems 6876 and 6886 may exhibit a 1-2-2 beep code (one long, 2 short, 2 short) or no display after replacing the system board.

Problem ISOLATION Aids:
Remove the riser card from the PC 700 system exhibiting the symptom of No Display . If the system still posts a 1-2-2 beep code, this tip may not apply.
NOTE: Disable the administrator password if it is set.

Remove the riser card from the system and access the Setup Utility  by pressing F1 during the memory count. View the Systems Information selection for the Flash BIOS level. This tip applies only if the Flash BIOS level entry begins with the characters N1
Verify that the riser card FRU P/N is 06H4018 or 06H4023.

The failure symptom is due to incorrect Flash BIOS on the system board. FRU P/N 11H5545 is the only system board that should be installed in the 6876 / 6886 system. This system will not function with Flash BIOS type N1 and a MicroChannel riser card installed. The Flash BIOS level indicated in the Setup Utility should begin with the characters N2

If the system contains the incorrect Flash BIOS, perform the following steps using an ISA/PCI  riser:
  1.  Exchange the MicroChannel riser for an ISA/PCI riser (e.g. P/N 06H4008). This will allow the system to boot properly.
  2.  Locate the file $IMAGEM.USF on the Microchannel Flash diskette. Remove the read-only attribute from that file by entering: attrib -r $IMAGEM.USF at a DOS prompt. Make sure that the directory containing the ATTRIB command is in the current path.
  3.  Rename the $IMAGEM.USF file on the MicroChannel Flash diskette to $IMAGEV.USF
  4.  Re-flash the system with the latest level MicroChannel 700 Flash BIOS diskette and power off the machine when the update has completed. RE-INSTALL  THE MICRO-CHANNEL RISER CARD.
  5.  Boot the 700 MicroChannel Reference Diskette and got to the Startup Options section.
  6.  Select diskette drive a: as the first startup option and the hard disk 0 as the second startup option. Save the configuration and exit.  You must boot to the Reference Diskette immediately.

NOTE: The N1 type Flash BIOS can be installed onto a 6876 / 86 MicroChannel system inadvertenly and result in the symptoms stated above.
The N2 Flash BIOS may also be installed onto a N1 type ISA/PCI system 6875/6885 (system board FRU P/N 88G4270 ) inadvertently and result in the identical failure symptoms.
In each case, replacement of the system board may be necessary if the appropriate riser for the Flash BIOS type is not available for temporary use.

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