Sense key 05 and sense key 24 errors

PROBLEM - "sense key 05" and "sense key 24" errors may be displayed while using Future Domain diagnostics version 4.0 in a PS/Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D or 6387/T system.
Machines AFFECTED - Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D or 6387/T
The adapter and attached SCSI devices may function properly under user applications.

False sense key errors may result when using the OEM Future Domain diagnostic diskette version 4.0 to diagnose IBM SCSI devices, rather than the "made for IBM" version of the IBM 16 bit at fast SCSI diagnostics, version 1.2 or higher. The OEM Future Domain diagnostics do not support all IBM SCSI devices.

NOTE: The IBM 16 bit at fast SCSI adapter is made for IBM by Future Domain. future domain markets a similar adapter under the Future Domain logo.
To properly diagnose potential IBM 16 bit at fast SCSI adapter or device problems in a PS/Valuepoint system, utilize the diagnostic diskette that accompanies the option, version 1.2 or higher.

To obtain a copy of the IBM 16 bit at fast SCSI adapter diagnostic diskette, download the file FDSDAIBM.DSK from the IBM bulletin board. Tape or scanner failures with 16 bit at fast SCSI card.
PROBLEM - Tape drives or scanning devices attached to an IBM 16 bit at fast SCSI adapter, P/N 82G4879, may fail to be recognized, not function at all or function improperly under DOS or OS/2 operating systems.
Machines AFFECTED PS/Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D and 6387/T systems running DOS or OS/2
SOLUTION - Utilize the IBM 16 bit at fast SCSI diagnostics and installation instructions to verify that the adapter and devices are installed properly and that the hardware is functioning properly.

Customers running DOS based systems and experiencing failures with either a tape drive or a scanning device may contact Future Domain to determine if the device driver configuration requires updating.

Customers running OS/2 should check the file date of the device driver titled "FD16-700.ADD" for a file date of march 1994 or later. This device driver would be located in the directory chosen at the time of installation of the IBM 16 bit at fast SCSI adapter. If the file date is earlier than march 1994, the customer should contact future Domain to determine if the device driver configuration requires updating.

If the file date of the "fd16-700.add" driver is march 1994 or later, a configuration parameter change should be made in the CONFIG.SYS file as follows:

1. locate "device=fd16-700.add" in the CONFIG.SYS file.

2. add " /rd:xx" to the end of statement located in step #1 ( xx = a value of 30 or 60 for response delay for slow SCSI devices).

3. save the changes, re-ipl the system and test the device.

Device driver updates for the IBM 16 bit at fast SCSI card may from Future Domain by calling (714) 253-0440 or through the Future Domain BBS service at (714) 253-0432.

NOTE: Future Domain is a trademark of the Future Domain corporation.

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