Microprocessor upgrade jumper

PROBLEM - What are the microprocessor upgrade jumper positions for the Valuepoint 6382/S, 6387/T, and 6384/D (except P60) systems? machines affected Valuepoint 6382/S, 6387/T, and 6384/D (except P60) systems.


installed system board

processor(s) type 1 type 2

j10 j11 j17 j18


80468SX only r r r r

80486SX and 80487SX r r r r

80486SX and overdrive r r r r

80486SX and DX f f f f

80486SX and DX2 f f f f

80486DX only f x f x

overdrive only r r r r


r=rear two PINs (labeled od and closest to I/O connectors)
f=front two PINs
x=front or rear two PINs

Microprocessors can be identified by the following characteristics:

80486SX - soldered to system board; no heat sink.
80487SX - intel® 80487 printed on heat sink
80486DX* - heat sink without identification
80486DX2* - heat sink without identification
IBM overdrive - "IBM FRU P/N 92F2582" printed on heat sink
Intel® overdrive - "Intel® overdrive" printed on heat sink

*use the system configuration utility to differentiate the dx and
DX2 processors.

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