LAN support program / Windows

PROBLEM - The customer configuration is LAN support program (LSP) v1.31, Windows 3.1, DOS LAN requester (dlr) and qemm memory manager. The problem is that the user is "thrown out" of Windows and into dos. Sometimes the user can get back into Windows and sometimes he/she has to reboot the system. Occasionally an error is reported:

QEMM exception error #13 - software conflict at AEFF. REDIR40.EXE occupies AEFF".
The same symptom occurred when qemm is not loaded.

Machines AFFECTED - 6381; but potentially all VP's may have the same problem.

SOLUTION - The customer is using a level of LSP that does not support QEMM and also has an existing memory overwrite problem. In addition, the customer needed to consult the lsp users guide on how to properly install and configure LSP when using Windows and memory management. The customer should also consult the NETWORKS.WRI read me file supplied with Windows for further configuration information.

Workaround - The following list of items were provIDEd to the customer and resolved the problem:

1. Disable RPL on the Token Ring adapter. This disables the Token Ring ROM in upper memory making that space available for use by other programs.

2. Change the exclude statement in the CONFIG.SYS so that only the following region is excluded: x=A000-CBFF.

3. Set DOS=HIGH,UMB in the config.sys.

4. Re-install LAN support program version 1.35 and change the following parameters: for DXMT0 set call far to yes - for DXMC0 set the RAM address to C800 4) run the QEMM optimize program.

5. Update the Windows system.ini file to contain the following parameters under the [396ENH] section:


6. Update BIOS to level 40

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