Keyboard and mouse hang / MS-Windows

PROBLEM - The system keyboard and mouse hang when Microsoft Windows is installed without a having a mouse attached to the system mouse port. Additionally, the same failure can occur if Microsoft Windows for workgroups version 3.11 is installed on top of Windows or by itself. In this case it does not matter if there is a mouse attached or not.

Machines AFFECTED - some 6382, 6384, 6387 VP2 systems with 2S2P (long) planars

SOLUTION - Microsoft Windows and Windows for workgroups require a patch to fix a BUG in their code as a result of the way they address the Valuepoint system board keyboard and mouse controller. This is only a problem on system boards using the TI version of this controller. VLSI controllers work error free and are not affected if the patch code is installed on systems with this controller. The patch is called IBMKBFIX.386 and is available on library and the IBM BBS.

VPsi VP2

dt3613 digitizing tablet y

Adaptec 1542c SCSI-2

Adaptec 16 bit SCSI mod AHA-1522 y

Adaptec SCSI tape

Adaptec SCSI mater y

Alps 3 1/2" (IBM P/N 1619654) y

Alps 5 1/4" (IBM FRU 15F6912) y

ATI graphics

ATI ultro pro (video)

ATI graphics ultra y

ATI graphics ultra pro y

ATI graphics ultra + y

ATI vlb 2m

ATI vgawonder xl24 y

ATI 24xl

ATI 8514

Aztech sound galaxi nx II y

Boca vgaxl2 video

Boca super-x video

Boca research supervga by Boca y

Boca research bocamodem (mod: m1440i)

Buslogic bt542b SCSI

Cable Tron Token Ring

Canon dual 3 1/2" + 5 1/4" y

Cardinal 700vga graphics y

Cardinal vga765 y

Cardinal vga900 y

Cardinal video spectrum y

carroll touch ct-70 pos

Cirrus graphic card y

Colorado tape backup 250

Compex Token Ring

Compuadd tv / video

Compuadd sound

Complete, the scanner y

Complete communicator internal modem y

Conner IDE (mod: cp30174e) y

Creative labs soundblaster pro 8 y y

Creative labs soundblaster 16 y y

Crosstalk for Windows y y

DEC dec100 y y

DEC dec200 y

DEC dec203

DEC dec205c y

DEC irma y

DFT multi - I/O card (mod: dio-500) y

Diamond stealth 24 y

Diamond speedstar 24x y

Diamond stealth pro y

Diamond stealth vram y


Dva 400 videologic

Eizo video

Elsa Ethernet

Elsa winner 1000

Epson lx - 810

Future Domain (IBM) SCSI (16 bit fast) y y

Future Domain (IBM) SCSI (8 bit) y y

Gateway Ethernet

Genoa Windows VGA 24+ y

Graphics ultra+

Hayes internal smartmodem/2400 y

Hayes smartmodem 9600 y

Hercules grafite

Hercules graphite Windows accelerator y

Hercules graphic card plus y

Hewlett Packard Token Ring

Hewlett Packard laserjet III

Hewlett Packard scanjet plus y

Hi-iq fax/data modem 2400bps internal y

Hi-iq 2400bps internal y

Hitachi SCSI

Hitachi CD-Rom

IBM action media II y y

IBM audio playback capture adapter y y

IBM Ethernet card (tIDEwater) y y

IBM external 2400bps modem (mod: 5853) y y

IBM lexmark keyboard/mouse (mod: m5-2) y

IBM mouse (mod: 6450350) y y

IBM mouse (pn: 33g3835) y y

IBM mouse (mod: 96f9275) y y

IBM mwave sound y

IBM mwave windsurfer modem and fax y

IBM ps/2 mouse y

IBM serial/parallel/game card y y

IBM ssci 160 mb (mod: wds-3160) y y

IBM sdlc

IBM sdlc (emea P/N 1501205) y

IBM Token Ring II (4mb)

IBM x.25

IBM 16/4 mbps 1/3 card (pn: 92f4554) y y

IBM 16/4 mbps 1/2 card (pn: 39f8370) y y

IBM 16/4 mbps 1/2 card (pn: 25f8886) y y

IBM 3270

IBM 3270 1/3 card (pn: 56x4927) y y

IBM 3278

IBM 5250 y

IBM 8516 monitor y


Intel® Token Ring

Intel® ether-express 16tp

Intel® ether-express 16c

Intel® 14,400 fax

Intel® satisfaxtion/100 internal modem y

Intel® 9600ex modem y

Irma irma3 convertible y

Lantastic ae-2 y

Logitech trackman y

Logitech mouseman y

Logitech scanman color scanner y

Logitech 3 button mouse y

Madge smart 16/4 ringnode Token Ring

Matsushita CD-ROM y

Maxtor IDE 80 mb (pn: 2437598) y

Maxtor SCSI 540 mb (mod: mxt-540s) y

maynard quick 02 streamer adapter

media vision pro audio spectrum

media vision jazz audio card y

Microsoft inport mouse + device interface y

Microsoft 2 button mouse y

Miro graphics adapter

Mitsubishi 3" (pn: mf355ba-88uf) y

Monologue y

Nec 8-bit t130b SCSI h/a y

Niscan scanner y

Novell NE2000 y y

Novell NE2000 plus

Novell NE2000t y y

Novell wnim+

Optibase mpeg

Orchid farenheit va y

Orchid farenheit 1280 y

Orchid farenheit vlb 1m

Page brush scanner y

Panasonic 5" (pn: ju-475-4 c30) y

Panasonic cr-562 y

Panasonic cr-563 y

Panasonic double speed CD-ROM y

Paradise accelerator y

Paradise 8 video adapter y

Paradise VGA 1024 card y

Philips CD-Rom

Powergraph VGA y

Practical modem 24000 v.42bis internal y

Prodigy internal modem y

Prodesigner prodesigner II series graphics y

Proaudio spectrup plus media media vision y

Radius xga

Radius xga-2 y

Scanjet iix interface adapter (color and mono)

Smc arcnet y

Smc EtherLink

Smc ethercard plus elite 16 y

Sony cdu-31a

Spea mercury

Spea mirage

Speedstar 24x y

Stb powergraph x - 24 y

Stb wind/x y

TEAC 5" (pn: 19307671-93) y

TEAC dual 3" + 5" y

Tecmar qt525es

Thomas conrad acrnet

Thomas conrad Token Ring

Tiera arcnet

Toshiba internal CD-ROM drive (mod: mx-3401b) y

Toshiba SCSI CD-ROM mod xm-2101bme y

Ulicom Token Ring

Ultimate VGA graphics y

Ultimate VGA y

Ultrastor SCSI

Ungerman bass Ethernet

Unisys cluster

Vgawonders xl y

Videoblaster y

Volante graphics y

Western digital paradise accelerator card y

Yed technology venus 1.5 video adapter

Zoom 14,400 fax

3com EtherLink II (8 tp) y y

3com EtherLink II (tp)

3com EtherLink III (10 base-t)

3com EtherLink III (10 base-2)

3com Token Ring

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