properly installed Token Ring in P60/D

PROBLEM - The following is a step-by-step procedure used to determine if the IBM 16/4 Token Ring adapter is installed properly in a pentium based PS/Valuepoint P60/D system. the settings used in this tip are only recommendations for aiding in problem determination. some customers have custom configurations. Advise the network administrator of changes made to the adapter and the system configuration prior to implementing the changes.

Systems AFFECTED - All 6384 P60/D systems.

  1.  Access the configuration utility by pressing F1 during the memory count. Ensure that  the setting on each page of the configuration utility match the following:

      Diskette drive 0 (1.44 MB 3.5")
      *Diskette drive 1 not installed
      Serial port a (serial_1 (3F8-IRQ4))
      Serial port b (disabled)
      Parallel port (parallel_1 (3BC-IRQ7))
      Parallel port mode (PC/AT compatible)
      Keyboard speed (fast)
      First startup device (diskette drive 0)
      Second startup device (hard disk 0)
      Unattended start mode (disabled)
      Keyboardless operation mode (disabled)
      Keyboard numlock state (on)
      Power-on password (enabled)
      Administrator password (disabled)
      Diskette drive access (enabled)
      *Hard disk access (enabled)
      PCI BUS:
      Interrupt IRQ 9 (used by ISA adapter card)
      Interrupt IRQ 10 (used by ISA adapter card)
      Interrupt IRQ 11 (available to PCI bus)
      base memory above 512k (enabled)
      ROM shadowing at (C0000-C3FFF) (enabled)
      ROM shadowing at (C4000-C7FFF) (enabled)
      ROM shadowing at (C8000-CBFFF) (enabled)
      ROM shadowing at (CC000-CFFFF) (disabled)
      ROM shadowing at (D0000-D3FFF) (disabled)
      ROM shadowing at (D4000-D7FFF) (disabled)
      ROM shadowing at (D8000-DBFFF) (disabled)
      ROM shadowing at (DC000-DFFFF) (enabled)
      adapter card buffer (disabled)
      -settings depend upon presence of hardfile and/or diskette drive

  2.  Configure the token-ring adapter as follows

      -setting interrupt level to "2"
      -setting ROM address to "CC000"
      -setting for primary adapter
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 (0=off
      0 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 * 1=on)
      * - set for ring speed (off=16Mbps on=4Mbps)

  3.  Run Token Ring diagnostics and verify/set the shared RAM starting address for the

      "D8000-DBFFF" range.
     this method may also be used to verify installation settings of other types of Token Ring
     adapters, Ethernet, 3270 and 5250 adapters. The settings for the individual adapters will
     vary (#2 above). Ensure that the latest level diagnostics are being used to test adapters
     installed in the P60/D.

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