6387/T system board / plastic rivet

PROBLEM - How do I remove a 6387/T system board that has a plastic rivet used to secure it to the frame?

Machines AFFECTED - 6387/T with a black overdrive processor socket (u10). if a blue overdrive processor socket is installed, this information does not apply.

SOLUTION - One of the screws used to mount the Valuepoint 6387/T system board to the frame has been replaced with a plastic rivet. This rivet is only present on system boards with a black overdrive processor socket. This rivet was used on a limited number of systems to prevent vibration during shipping. Without the rivet the riser board could vibrate loose ROM the system board and cause various system and adapter failures. Should the system board with the rivet need to be replaced, follow the procedure below:

Method 1
  1.  Power off the system and disconnect the power cord from the  electrical outlet. remove any adapters and riser board from the system.  Disconnect the power supply connectors, LED cables and the speaker  connector. Remove all system board mounting screws.
  2.  Place the 6387/T on it's side. Grasp the edge of the system board  directly in front of the plastic rivet and gently pull up on the  system board. If the rivet does not pull out of the base frame use

Method 2.
  1.  Position the frame so that the front of the system faces the  ceiling. Locate the cutout on the  right side of the base frame, appr. 1 Inch above the plastic rivet.
  2.  Place a screwdriver or a similar tool through the cutout and as  close to the rivet as possible. If using a screwdriver, wrap the  shaft with a cloth to prevent damaging the system board.  carefully lever the system board away from the base frame.
  3.  After the system board has been replaced, it is not necessary to  install a mounting screw or replace the plastic rivet. The system  board is secure with the remainder of the mounting screws.

Additional Information - Reference RETAIN TIP H121807

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