Setup for SMC Elite 16+

PROBLEM - What is the proper setup for the SMC Elite 16+ Ethernet card with a Valuepoint 6381 Si machine?

Systems AFFECTED - All 6381 Si machines.

SOLUTION - Workstation setup -

  1.  DOS version 5.0 or higher is acceptable, with Windows 3.1.
     make a sub directory and copy all files from the dos_odi directory
     in the superdisk (setup disk for the elite Ethernet card).
  2.  Select I/O base address 280, IRQ3, and RAM base address d0000 if
     the elite 16+ card is the only adapter in the system. No need to
     change the jumper setting at W1 and w2.
  3.  If you have other adapters in the system or if want to use a
     different setting you must set the W1 jumper to soft. then run the
     ezsetup program from the superdisk and select the value you want
     (manual page 28).
  4.  If you use a memory management utility (EMM, QEMM, 386MAX) you
     have to exclude the Ethernet cards RAM address space from your
     memory management driver by adding "/x=D000-D3FF" (or whatever your
     RAM address is) to the command line "DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE" in the
     config.sys file.
  5.  You may run diagnose (f ROM superdisk) to check for conflicts.
  6.  You may elect to type commands; lsl, smc8000, ipxodi, netx) one
     at a time to load the drivers and connect to the network. you can
     also add these commands to the end of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to start
     the automatic load.

Sever Setup -

  1.  Follow the instructions on pages 53 and 54 to install Netware 386
     v3.11 on a server.
  2.  Use the ODI drivers in place of the IPX drivers.
  3.  If you are running Windows, you must go into the Windows setup
     icon and select Novell Netware for the network.
  4.  The server should be activated by typing SERVER at the DOS
     prompt before activating any workstation.

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