System board locations - 6868/6878

System board locations - IntelliStation - 6868/6878

IntelliStation - 6868/6878

1 Primary processor socket
2 Secondary processor socket
3 RIMM socket 1 (Channel A)
4 RIMM socket 2 (Channel A)
5 Power connectors
6 Extra power connectors
7 RIMM socket 3 (Channel B)
8 RIMM socket 4 (Channel B)
9 SCSI LED connector
10 Diskette Drive connector
11 Front panel connector
12 Secondary IDE connector
13 Primary IDE connector
14 Fan connector, front chassis
15 C2 security connector
16 RFID connector
17 ROM recovery jumper
18 Administrator password jumper
19 PCI 5 slot
20 Alert on LAN
21 PCI 4 slot
22 PCI 3 slot
23 Internal Speaker connector
24 CD Audio connector
25 Wake on LAN
26 PCI 2 slot
27 PCI 1 slot
28 Fan connector, rear chassis
29 AGP slot
30 Microphone connector
31 Line In/Line Out connector
32 Battery
33 Ethernet connector
34 Serial connector
35 Parallel connector
36 USB connectors
37 Mouse/Keyboard connectors

System board jumper settings

The following tables contain the jumper setting information.
(D) indicates the default setting.

Administrator jumper

Admin Jumper Jumper
Enable 1-2
Disable 2-3 (D)

ROM Recover jumper

Note: The ROM Recover jumper clears CMOS and is also
used for Flash update and Flash recovery boot block.

ROM Recover Jumper
Normal 1-2 (D)
Boot Block Recover 2-3

Processor Speed Settings

Processor speed for the IntelliStation type 6868/6878
computer is fixed and is determined by the processor.
There are no settings required.

System board memory (2 GB - maximum)

Note: RAMBUS inline memory module (RIMM) is used in the type 6868/6878 computer.
RIMM modules are not compatible with SIMM or DIMM memory modules.

RIMM sizes of 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, and 512 MB are acceptable.
RIMM sockets, within each memory channel, can be filled in any order.
However, both memory channels must be populated the same.
ECC or non-ECC, RAMBUS dynamic random access memory (RDRAM) are supported.
If ECC and non-ECC are installed together, all memory will function as non-ECC.

Note: Mixed RIMM speeds will run at the lower speed.

Supported RIMM memory configuration

Type 6868/6878 has two memory channels with two memory sockets for each channel making a total of four RIMM memory sockets.
RIMM sockets must have a RIMM memory module or a C-RIMM (RIMM Continuity module) installed.
There can be no empty RIMM sockets.
RIMM sockets must contain either a RIMM or a C-RIMM.
At least one socket, from each memory channel, must have a RIMM memory module installed.

Note: Both memory channels must be populated the same.

Each RIMM socket supports a maximum of 512 MB of memory.

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