System board locations - 6565

System board locations - Series-300 - 6565

Series-300 - 6565

1 Processor socket
2 DIMM socket 0
3 DIMM socket 1
4 Processor fan connector
5 Power connector
6 Power Switch/LED connector
7 RFID connector
8 Primary IDE connector
9 Secondary IDE connector
10 FDD connector
11 Switch 2 assembly
12 Switch 1 assembly
13 Front Fan connector
14 Battery
15 C2 security connector
16 Wake on LAN connector
17 Alert on LAN connector
18 CD Audio connector
19 PCI 1 slot
20 PCI 2 slot
21 PCI 3 slot
22 Internal Speaker connector
23 AGP connector
24 Parallel connector
25 Microphone connector
26 Line Out connector
27 Line In connector
28 USB Connectors
29 Mouse/Keyboard connectors
30 Serial connectors (COM1, COM2)

System board switch settings

The following tables contain the switch (SW1) setting
information. (D) indicates the default setting.


Switch assembly 2 (SW2) switches should be in the off position.

Diskette write access Switch (SW1-1)

Diskette Access SW1-1
Write enabled Off (D)
Write protected On

Clear CMOS Switch (SW1-2)


The Clear CMOS switch (SW1-2) is also used to reset passwords.

Clear CMOS SW1-2
Normal mode Off (D)
CMOS clear On

Reserved Switch (SW1-3)

Reserved SW1-3
Reserved Off

Reserved Switch (SW1-4)

Reserved SW1-4
Reserved Off

Processor Speed Settings

Processor speed for the PC 300 type 6565 computer is fixed and is determined by the processor.
There are no settings required.

System board memory

Supported memory configuration:

DIMM sizes of 64 MB, 128 MB, and 256 MB ECC or 64 MB, 128 MB, and 256 MB, and 512 MB Non-ECC are acceptable.
Start filling DIMM socket 0, then 1.
Use 3.3 V unbuffered 133 MHz, SDRAM DIMMs only.

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