Passwords (6565/6868/6878)

Passwords (6565/6868/6878)

The following provides information about computer hardware and software-related passwords:

Power-on and Administrator passwords are set in the Setup Utility program. See Setup Utility program for information about running the Setup Utility.

Power-on password

A power-on password denies access to the computer by an unauthorized user when the computer is powered on. When a power-on password is active, the password prompt appears on the screen each time the computer is powered on. The computer starts after the proper password is entered.

Removing a power-on password

To service a computer with an active and unknown power-on password, power-off the computer and do the following:

  -Attention- If Enhanced Security is not enabled, this procedure will remove the administrator password, all setup and boot sequence settings and privilege access. Make sure these settings are recorded before you perform this procedure. If Enhanced Security is enabled, Only Enhanced Security functions like boot sequence and privilege access will not be changed. Other settings will be cleared.
  1.  Unplug the power cord and remove the top cover.
  2.  Refer to  System Board Layout 6565, 6868/6878  to find the CMOS switch.
  3.  Move the CMOS switch to the on position.
  4.  Power-on the computer. The system senses the  change in the position and erases the password.
  5.  Remind the user to enter a new password when service is complete.

Administrator password

The administrator password is used to restrict access to the Configuration/Setup Utility program. If the administrator password is activated, and you do not enter the administrator password, the configuration can be viewed but not changed.

Note: Types 6565/6868/6878 have Enhanced Security Mode. If Enhanced Security mode is enabled and there is no password given, the computer will act as if Enhanced Security is disabled.
If Enhanced Security is Enabled and an administrator password is given, the administrator password must be entered to use the computer. If the administrator password is lost or forgotten, the system board in the computer must be replaced in order to regain access to the Configuration/Setup Utility program.

Administrator password control

The Administrator password is set in the Setup Configuration. Refer to Setup Utility program.

Operating system password

An operating system password is very similar to a power-on password and denies access to the computer by an unauthorized user when the password is activated. The computer is unusable until the password is entered and recognized by the computer.

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