Operating Requirements - Special Tools (Aptiva 2134/2176 - SL-A)

Operating Requirements

All machines have two power on switches: one on the system unit and one on the display (if the display was shipped with the model). Some high voltage machines (180-259V ac) might have a power cord from the display to the system unit and a non-switched appliance connector.

High voltage Northern and Southern Hemisphere SVGA displays might come with a voltage selector switch, allowing selection of voltage of either 110V ac or 220V ac. This switch must be in the 220V ac position when the machine is plugged into a 220 V ac electrical outlet.

When the system unit is powered off for 10 seconds or more and then powered on, the power supply generates a power good signal that resets the system logic.

Note: Whether or not Rapid Resume is enabled, the on/off switch on the system unit does not completely power-off the power supply. Also, the appliance outlet connector is always powered on when the system unit is plugged into an electrical outlet. See Rapid Resume for more information.

A Note About Energy Saver Monitors

Monitors rated as Energy Saver models use less than 30 W when operating in the energy-saving mode or when the system unit is powered off.

To extend monitor life, the monitor should be powered off at the end of each day.

Special Tools

The following special tools are required to service this system:

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