Product Description (Aptiva 2134/76 - SL-A)

  Product Description (Aptiva 2134/76 - SL-A)

This manual contains service information for the Service Level A (SL-A) model of the IBM Aptiva Personal Computer, worldwide.

The Machine Type 2134 contains

The Machine Type 2176 contains

For FRU parts information, see 'Model/Monitor Configuration'.

VESA Local Bus Note: The VESA local bus connector generally conforms to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) VL-Bus Specification 2.0 (32 bit). Local bus adapter cards vary in degree of adherence to this standard. Therefore, IBM cannot guarantee that all available local bus option cards will perform according to manufacturer's claims.

The Type 2134 and 2176 support Internal or External video, but not both simultaneously.

See the detailed specifications for:

System Board Type A-1
System Board Type A-2
Power Supplies
Diskette Drive
Hard Disk Drive
Keyboard, Mouse

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