Start Options

Start Options

Setup automatically updates this menu when you do either of the following:

To view the computer information such as the model number, serial number, and BIOS version and date, select the Standard CMOS Setup option from the Setup main menu. The items displayed are not configurable.

Virus Warning

Determines if the BIOS will monitor the boot sector and partition table of the hard disk drive for any attempt at modification. If any attempt is made, the BIOS will halt the system and an error message will appear.

Afterwards, if necessary, you will be able to run an anti-virus program to locate and remove the problem before any damage is done.

Quick Power On Self Test

Speeds up Power On Self Test (POST) after you power up the computer. If it is set to Enabled, BIOS will shorten or skip some check items during POST.

Swap Floppy Drive

Determines if the swap floppy drive is enabled or not.

Boot Up Numlock Status

Determines the default state of the numeric keypad. By default, the system boots up with NumLock on.

Typematic Rate Setting

Determines if the typematic rate is to be used. When disabled, continually holding down a key on your keyboard generates only one instance. In other words, the BIOS will only report that the key is down. When the typematic rate is enabled, the BIOS will report as before, but will wait a moment. If the key is still down, it will report that the key has been depressed repeatedly. You might use this feature to accelerate cursor movements with the arrow keys.

Typematic Rate (Chars/Sec)

When the typematic rate is enabled, you can select the rate at which the keys are accelerated.

Typematic Delay (Msec)

When the typematic rate is enabled, you can select the delay between when the key was first depressed and when the acceleration begins.

Security Option

Determines the access limitation to the system and Setup, or just Setup.

Report No Diskette Drive for Win 95

Select 'YES' to release IRQ6 (Interrupt Request) when the system contains no floppy drive for compatibility with Windows 95 logo certification. Also select 'Disabled' for the Onboard FDC Control Field 'Devices and I/O Ports' menu.

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