AMD-K7™ Processor Module (Aptiva 2174 - SL-A)

AMD-K7™ Processor Module (Aptiva 2174 - SL-A)

The AMD-K7™ Slot A Processor Module comes in one package.

Removing the AMD-K7™ CPU Module

Follow these steps to remove the AMD-K7™ CPU module from slot A.

Note: Determine the type of processor you are installing and make sure the jumpers are set correctly. Run the Setup Utility after installing a processor.

  -ATTENTION- Processors are sensitive to static discharge.

AMD-K7™ Processor Installation

Follow these steps to install the AMD-K7™ processor module with fan sink to slot A on the system board.

  -CAUTION- The electrical contacts of the AMD-K7™ module are slotted in such a way that the module only fits in one direction. Make sure that the module groove matches the one on the processor socket.

Installing the Processor Fan Sink

The AMD-K7™ processor module has holes on one side to hold the clips of the fan sink. The upper set of holes (near the latches) on the processor are wider and should match the wider ends of the clips on the fan sink. The lower set of holes are smaller and should match the narrow ends of the fan sink clips.

Package Installation

Follow these steps when installing the fan sink to the AMD-K7™ processor module:

Installing the Universal Retention Mechanism (URM)

Follow these steps to install the universal retention mechanism:
  1.  Pull out the sides.
  2.  Place the universal retention mechanism over the CPU connector on the  system board and press it until it clicks into place.
  3.  Press down the four plastic rivets to secure the URM. Make sure all four  rivets are properly inserted into the holes on the system board.


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