Power Management (Aptiva 2170/71/72/74 - SL-A)

Power Management

The system power management features allow you to reduce power consumption.

NOTE: These Power Management settings do not work in Windows 98.
Use the Control Panel Power utility for Windows 98 Power Management settings.

Power Management Mode

When the Power Management Mode parameter is set to Enabled, you can configure the different power saving timers to your desired settings.
Setting this parameter to Disabled deactivates the power management feature and all the timers.
The default setting is Enabled.

IDE Hard Disk Standby Timer - This parameter allows the hard disk to enter standby mode after inactivity of 1 to 15 minutes, depending on your setting.
When you access the hard disk again, allow 3 to 5 seconds (depending on the hard disk) for the system to recover and return to normal speed.
Set this parameter to Off if your hard disk does not support this function.
The default setting is Off.

System Sleep Timer - This timer allows you to set the period of inactivity (in minutes) before the system enters the sleep state.
Use the arrow keys to select a setting. You can turn this timer to Off if you prefer. The default setting is 30 minutes.

Stop CPU Clock in Sleep State - When set to Yes, the system internal clock stops, along with other internal devices, when the computer enters the sleep state.
When set to No, the system internal clock continues to run when the system is in the sleep state.
This item turns gray and is non-configurable when the System Sleep Timer is off.
The default setting is Yes.

Power Switch 4< sec. - When set to Suspend, this parameter adds the suspend function to the system power button on the front panel.
The suspend function allows you to put the system into suspend mode by pressing the power button for less than four seconds while the system is on.
When this parameter is set to Power off, the power button simply turns the system power on or off.
This parameter is set to Power off by default.

Modem Wake-Up on Ring - This parameter allows you to enable or disable the Modem Wake-Up on Ring feature.
When enabled and if the computer is in suspend, an incoming call automatically resumes normal power on mode.
When disabled, the system does not return to the 'Normal on' state even if there is an incoming modem access.
The default setting is Enabled.

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