Installing UMA Support on the NetView Server

Installing UMA Support on the NetView Server

When you install UMA on the NetView server using the Enterprise option, the installation program automatically installs the files necessary for UMA support in NetView. The following is a list of the events associated with UMA Enterprise installation for NetView:

  1.  Install \usr\ov\snmp_mibs\uma.mib (SNMP MIB for UMA clients).
  2.  Install \usr\ov\filters\IBM*.flt (useful filters for SNMP traps from UMA clients).
  3.  Add lines to \usr\ov\conf\nvsniffer.conf (adds support to detect UMA systems).
  4.  Install \usr\ov\registration\c\uma*.reg (adds map and tools menu options).
  5.  Install \usr\ov\bin\* (Adds map and nvsniffer support for UMA).

     Note that the original nvsniffer.exe and nvsetservicestatus.exe are replaced
     during the UMA Enterprise install.

  6.  Install \usr\ov\bitmaps\c\* (bitmaps for UMA icons in NetView Console).
  7.  Install \usr\ov\uma\inventory\* (program and files used to gather UMA inventory).

In addition to these events, the Enterprise installation allows you to choose the "SNMP Automation Control" option for NetView.

Note: If UMA is not installed on the NetView server, the "SNMP Automation Control" option installs a very basic subset of UMA that contains the following:

You will be prompted to restart the computer after the basic subset of UMA is installed. After restarting the computer, you must run the Enterprise installation again to add the rest of the support for NetView.

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