Configuring Internet Explorer

Chapter 4. Configuring Internet Explorer

The UMA program uses Java, ActiveX, and JavaScript to present interactive Web pages.
Use the following procedures to verify that ActiveX, Java, and JavaScript are enabled.

Internet Explorer 3.x

  1.  Open Internet Explorer 3.x.
  2.  Click on View, then Options, and then Security.
  3.  Verify that the following options are checked:

Figure 4. Internet Explorer 3.x Security Option Setting 
Option    Setting
   Allow downloading of active content    OK
   Enable ActiveX controls and Plug-ins    OK
   Run ActiveX scripts    OK
   Enable Java programs    OK

Internet Explorer 3.x Safety Level Setting

If you are running Internet Explorer 3.02 with the Authenticode update, you can leave the browser safety level set to High.
However, for versions of Internet Explorer prior to 3.02, and version 3.02 without the Authenticode update, you will get an error about a "Potential Safety Violation" when you attempt to load UMA pages.
Versions of Internet Explorer prior to 3.02 are incompatible with the new Authenticode security used by digital certificates.
To view UMA pages on these older versions of Internet Explorer, set the safety level to medium.
To change the safety level:

  1.  Open Internet Explorer 3.x.
  2.  Click on View, then Options, then Security, and then Safety Level.
  3.  Verify that the security level is set at either Medium or Low.

For more information about the Authenticode Update for Internet Explorer 3.02,
visit the Microsoft web site at:

A version of IE3.02 with the Authenticode update can be downloaded from:

Internet Explorer 4.x.

  1.  Open Internet Explorer 4.x
  2.  Click on View, and then click on Internet Options.
  3.  In the Temporary Internet Files field, click on Settings.
     Under Check for newer versions of stored pages, click on Every time you start Internet Explorer, and then click on OK.
     This ensures that the login-password prompt works correctly.

  4.  Click on Security.
  5.  Verify that the security level is set at either Medium, Low, or Custom for the Internet and Internet  zones that you will be using to access remote computers.
     If Custom is selected, click on Settings and verify that the following options are set correctly:

     Figure 5. Internet Explorer 4.0 Security Option Settings 

    Option    Setting
       Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting    Enable
       Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins    Enable
       Download signed ActiveX controls    Prompt
       Java Permissions High    Safety
       Scripting of Java applets    Enable

  6.  Click on Connection.
  7.  If a check is in the Access the Internet using a proxy server check box, make sure a check is also  in the Bypass proxy server for local (Intranet) addresses check box.

Additional Troubleshooting Information

For further assistance on configuring Internet Explorer, TCP/IP, and other Internet-related settings, see the UMA Troubleshooting Guide. To access the guide:

  1.  From the Windows Desktop, click on Start.
  2.  Select Programs.
  3.  Select IBM System Management Tools.
  4.  Click on UMA Troubleshooting Guide.

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