Configuring Client Operation Mode for IBM Netfinity Manager

Chapter 3. Configuring Client Operation Mode for IBM Netfinity Manager

Use this chapter only if you intend to perform a Custom Installation with the Enablement for IBM Netfinity Manager option, and want to change the default Passive Client Operation mode to either Active Client or Stand Alone Client mode.

  1.  Copy the file named netfbase.rsp from the Netfinity software package.
     (You can get this file from your network administrator.)

  2.  Open the file using a text editor, such as Notepad. The first eleven lines of text appear as follows:

      ; sample response file for remote install of Netfinity
      ; Package - which package will be selected from the main menu.
      ;   For Services, Package can be:
      ;     Active
      ;     Passive
      ;     StandAlone
      ;   For Manager, Package can be:
      ;     Manager
      Package = Passive

  3.  Change the last line to either Package = Active or Package = StandAlone (see question 4  for a description of each). Type the value exactly as it appears here, as the program is case sensitive.
  4.  Save the changes, and close the file.

    Note: You must perform steps 5 and 6 of this procedure on the client after running the UMA  self-extracting file UMAW32.EXE, and before running the SETUP.EXE file. See Chapter 2, 'Installing the UMA Program' for details.

  5.  Create a folder labeled custom, and place it in the same folder where the UMA installation files reside.
  6.  Move the netfbase.rsp file you changed into the custom folder.
  7.  Proceed with the UMA installation, step 5.

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