Aptiva 2153/Celeron™ System Board Layout

Aptiva 2153/CeleronSystem Board Connector and Functions
Connector    Function
CN1    ATX 20-pin power connector
CN2    USB ports
CN3    Upper: PS/2 mouse port
     Lower: PS/2 keyboard port
CN4    Upper: Parallel port
     Lower: VGA port (left)
     COM1 port (right)
CN5    Primary IDE connector
CN6    Secondary IDE connector
CN7    Floppy disk drive connector
CN8    Upper: Game/MIDI port
     Lower: (L-to-R)
     Stereo line-out port
     Stereo line-in port
     Mono microphone-in port
CN9    ATI Multimedia Connector(AMC)
CN10    Power switch connector
CN11    Reset connector
CN12    Modem microphone-in and speaker-out connector
CN14    CD line-in connector
CN15    IrDA connector
CN16    Wake-on LAN connector
CN17    Modem ring-in connector
CN18    HDD LED connector
CN19    System speaker connector
CN20    Audio connector(for CS4610 adapter card)
CN21    Turbo LED connector
CN22    3-Pin power connector
FN1    3-Pin fan connector
FN2    2-Pin fan connector
JP2401    Thermal sensor connector
      1-2: SYS TMP
      3-4: CPU TMP
SKT1    Celeron™ Processor Socket

Aptiva 2153/CeleronSystem Board Jumper Settings

  Jumper/Settings       Function
  SW-1                | Password
    On                |   Bypass password
    Off*              |   Check password
  SW-2                | BIOS Logo
    On *              |   OEM
    Off               |   Acer
  SW-3 SW-4 SW-5 SW-6 | CPU Frequency(MHz)
   On ,Off, Off, On   |   233=66MHz x 3.5
   Off,On,  On,  On   |   266=66MHz x 4
   Off,On,  Off, On   |   300=66MHz x 4.5
   Off,Off, On,  On   |   333=66MHz x 5

DIMM Configurations

A maximum of 256MB memory may be installed.
You can install 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, or 128MB PC-100 DIMM in any socket and with any combination.

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