Diagnostic Diskette - Aptiva (SL-A) 2158, 2163

Diagnostic Diskette

  -WARNING- This manual is intended to test the IBM Aptiva 2158 and 2163 machine type only.
Testing devices which are not included with the original product package, including other IBM products, prototype cards, or modifying hardware settings may give false errors and invalid system responses.
The diagnostics not specifically made for this model may also report incorrect errors and information.

The diagnostics program comes on a diskette along with this manual.
This version of PC-Doctor diagnostics program, developed by Watergate for IBM, is the primary method of testing the computer.
You can use it to test the IBM components of the system and some external devices.
The amount of time required to test components depends on the number of components installed and selected. The more devices you have attached to the system and selected in PC-Doctor, the longer the testing will take.

NOTE: The diagnostics program for Aptiva 2158 and 2163 are the same.

Using the Diagnostic Diskette

  1.  Power-off the system unit.
  2.  Insert diagnostic diskette in drive A.
  3.  Power-on the system unit.

    NOTE: Do not press F1 during POST. If any POST errors appear after POST,  make a note of the errors.

  4.  DOS should load. During boot, verify that each driver loads successfully.
     For drivers that do not load successfully, verify that the device driver is associated with it and is installed properly.
  5.  Diagnostics program (PC-Doctor) will load, then follow the screen instructions to operate.

Using Diagnostic Program from Recovery CD

  1.  Insert the Aptiva recovery CD into the CD-ROM drive then restart computer.
  2.  Depress F1 while POST to enter BIOS Setup menu. Select and enter  'Startup Options', set the first priority of boot sequence to CD-ROM.
     Save and exit from BIOS Setup.
  3.  When screen displays IBM Recovery Program menu, choose 'Run Diagnostics' to execute diagnostic program.
  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen to operate the diagnostics program.

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