Power-On Self Test - Aptiva (SL-A) 2158, 2163

Power-On Self Test

Each time you power-on the system, the power-on self test (POST) is initiated. Several items are tested during POST, but is for the most part transparent to the user.

POST checks the following:

To start POST, turn on the monitor and then the system unit.
The following will happen:
  1.  The IBM Aptiva logo will appear on the screen.
  2.  At this time one of two hot-keys may be used.
     The F1 key will cause the system Setup Utility menu to appear.
     The F9 key will switch the graphical IBM logo screen to the traditional text-based system startup screen, which  displays BIOS version and system memory tested.
     For Aptiva, the F9 key will only work after exiting BIOS Setup.
  3.  If an error is detected during POST, the IBM logo screen will automatically switch to the  text-based screen and display the error message or code with a beep.
     Depending on the criticality of the POST error, the system may halt  and/or display the message 'Press <F1> to enter to the Setup or <Enter> to continue...'
     If this message appears, pressing the Enter key will allow the system to attempt to proceed  despite the reported error, pressing F1 will cause the system Setup Utility menu to appear.
  4.  If no keyboard keys are pressed, and if POST is completed without errors,  the system will then proceed with the loading of Windows98 or other  operating system from a hard disk drive or diskette drive A or CD-ROM  drive, depending on the Start options selected in the BIOS Setup Utility.

If any errors are detected by POST, there will be an error message accompanied with an error code shown on display screen and a beep.
See 'Index of Symptoms, Messages, Error Codes, or Beeps' to find the most likely cause and countermeasure.

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