IntelliStation / 6865 - Pentium® II Xeon™, Pentium® III Xeon™ - System Board

IntelliStation / 6865 - Pentium® II Xeon™, Pentium® III Xeon™ - 400/500/550-MHz

  See Asset EEPROM backup - before start, replacing System Board.

System Board Jumper and Connectors

1 Fan connector, rear panel (J3J1)
2 Clear CMOS jumper (J4J1)
3 Administrator jumper (J4J2)
4 Secondary microprocessor socket
5 Primary microprocessor socket
6 Secondary microprocessor fan sink connector
7 Primary microprocessor fan sink connector
8 DIMM connectors (Bank 3,2,1,0)
9 Power connectors, dual 20-pin
10 Auxiliary Powerconnector
11 Voltage Regulator Module, for secondary processor
12 Diskette drive connector
13 Fan connector, upper front
14 Boot Block jumper (J12G1)
15 Front Panel LED connector
16 SCSI LED connector
17 Battery
18 Tamper detect switch connector
19 Fan connector, lower front
20 Speaker connector
21 Wake On LAN connector
22 RFID antenna connector
23 Secondary IDE connector
24 Wake On Modem connector
25 Primary IDE connector
26 Shared ISA/PCI connector
27 PCI slot connectors
28 CDROM audio connector
29 AGP slot connector
30 MIDI connector
31 Ethernet Power jumper (J2G1)
32 Microphone connector
33 Audio line In/Out connectors
34 RJ-45 Ethernet connector

35 Parallel/Serial 1/Serial 2 connectors
Serial connector
Parallel connector

36 USB1/USB2 connectors
37 Keyboard/Mouse connectors

The following tables contains the jumper settings.
(D) indicates the default setting.

Clear CMOS Request Jumper Setting (J4J1)

Jumper Setting Description
J4J1 1-2 (D) Normal Operation
J4J1 2-3 Erase Password and Configuration
(Clear CMOS)

Boot Block Jumper Setting (J12G1)

Jumper Setting Description
J12G1 1-2 (D) Normal Operation
J12G1 2-3 Boot Block Recovery

Administration Jumper Setting (J4J2)

Jumper Setting Description
J4J2 1-2 Enable Administration Password
J4J2 2-3 (D) Normal Operation

Ethernet Power Jumper Setting (J2G1)

Jumper Setting Description
J2G1 1-2 (D) Enable, power-on
J2G1 2-3 Disable, power-off

Supported Memory Configurations

DIMM sizes of 128, 256, and 512MB are acceptable.
Use 100MHz, SDRAM ECC, Registered DIMMs. When installing or removing memory, any sequence of DIMM size is allowed. Fill each DIMM connector sequentially, starting at DIMM socket 0.

See >   'System Board Memory' for DIMM size, speed,
and type.

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