Enhanced IDE Hard Disk Drive - FileCopy

Installation Guide - FileCopy

NOTE: The customized installation instructions created by the DiskGo!  utility program for Windows 98, Windows 95, and Windows 3.1 include directions on running FileCopy.

FileCopy is a program that runs under DOS and copies all files from one drive letter to another.
You can use FileCopy to simplify the task of adding a new hard disk drive that will replace the startup drive and will contain the operating system.

Moving a single program to another drive (for example from the C drive to the D drive) can cause access problems in many applications.
To avoid these problems, use the FileCopy utility program to copy all files from the source drive (normally C) to a destination drive (normally D). Then reconfigure (rejumper) the destination drive as the master drive, reconfigure or remove the original source drive, and restart the computer. The new drive becomes drive C and the applications run normally because they originally were on the old drive C.
If you replace an older slower drive, you might want to keep the old drive as a spare.

If you are replacing the drive C with a new and much larger drive, the files that you copy from the smaller drive might use much more space because the new drive can have a larger cluster size. For information about cluster sizes, see Selecting a Drive Partition Size Using FAT16

For more information about FileCopy, see the FileCopy online help.
To access the FileCopy online help:

  1.  Insert the DiskGo!  diskette or CD-ROM into the diskette or CD-ROM drive.
  2.  Open an editor and access the drive containing the root directory.
  3.  Open FILECOPY.TXT to view the FileCopy online information.

  FileCopy does not check the destination drive. All data on the destination drive is overwritten.
Be sure to run SCANDISK or CHKDSK to check for errors on the source drive before using FileCopy to copy files from the source drive to the destination drive.

To run SCANDISK in Windows 95 or Windows 98: 
  1.  Click on Start.
  2.  Select Programs.
  3.  Select Accessories.
  4.  Select System Tools.
  5.  Click on ScanDisk.

To run SCANDISK in Windows 3.1: 

  1.  Exit Windows and go to a DOS prompt.
  2.  Type SCANDISK X: where X is the letter of the source drive.

To run CHKDSK: 

  1.  Go to a DOS prompt.
  2.  Type CHKDSK X: where X is the letter of the source drive.

To start FileCopy: 

  1.  Insert the DiskGo!  diskette or CD-ROM into the diskette or CD-ROM drive.
  2.  At a DOS prompt, type filecopy:
  3.  Press Enter.
  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen.

You are prompted to enter the source and destination drives.
The program accepts either C: or C. Press Esc at any time to cancel the copy.

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