Enhanced IDE Hard Disk Drive - Installation Planning

Installation Guide - Installation Planning

The following sections contain detailed information to help you plan your hard disk drive installation.

Installation Requirements

To install the EIDE Hard Disk Drive you must have:

The documentation that comes with the computer and operating system.

IDE bus adapter 
Your computer must have an IDE port on the system board or on an IDE bus adapter. If the interface cable connectors in your computer have 40 pins, your computer uses the IDE architecture. If you are not sure about your IDE bus adapter, see the documentation that comes with your computer.

IDE cables and connectors 
The IDE cables connect the IDE port on the system board, or on an IDE adapter, to your IDE storage devices. IDE storage devices include hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, tape drives, and diskette drives greater than 100 MB.

You can attach up to two devices to an IDE cable, as shown. If your computer has two IDE ports (one IDE cable on each port), you can attach up to four devices (two devices on each cable).

NOTE: Not all cables have connectors for two IDE devices.

Mounting brackets and tools 

Most computers have 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch drive bays. The hard disk drive you are installing is designed for a 3.5-inch bay, but it can be adapted to a 5.25-inch bay. Common bay dimensions are:

To mount the hard disk drive in a 5.25-inch bay, attach a pair of 3.5-inch to 5.25-inch adapter brackets (included in some option packages).

Special mounting hardware is needed for some installations. If you are not sure about what is needed for your computer, contact your dealer or refer to the documentation that comes with your computer.

You will need a flat-blade and a Phillips-head screwdriver.

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