Factory-Installed Drive Devices (2140, 2142)

Factory-Installed Drive Devices (2140, 2142)

Use this check procedure to test any factory-installed drives.

  The customer might have customized settings in the Setup Utility (other than default settings) on the computer you are servicing. Running the Setup Utility might alter those settings. Note the current setting and verify that the customer settings are in place when service is complete.

NOTE: If you cannot access the hard disk drive load a diskette from drive A or load a CD from the CD/DVD-ROM drive, make sure the Setup Utility has the startup sequence set with Hard Disk, Diskette, and CD/DVD-ROM enabled.

If the number of diskette drives shown in the Installed Devices list is not correct:

  1.  Check the installation of the drive ribbon cable on the system bboard.

    NOTE: If the drive is installed in the Media Console, check the drive ribbon cable  from the system board to the host card and from the drive to the client card. Also check the Media Console cable.

  2.  Check the voltages to the diskette drive with the power on (see 'Power Supply')
  3.  Check the installation of the Media Console cable (Type 2142) on the system board.
  4.  Try to correct the drive settings in the (SETUP) option in the Setup Utility.
  5.  Run the 'Diagnostics and Utilities Device Presence Test'

If you can correct the installed Devices list, but cannot complete the Diagnostics and Utilities test for that device, replace FRUs, in the following order, until the problem goes away:
  1.  Diskette drive
  2.  Diskette drive cable (if continuity check fails)
  3.  Media Console host card (Type 2142)
  4.  Media Console client card (Type 2142)
  5.  Media Console (Type 2142)
  6.  System Board

If the number of hard disk drives or CD/DVD-ROM drives shown in the Installed Devices list is not correct:
  1.  Check the installation of the drive ribbon cable to the system board. Be sure that Hard Disk Drive 1 and Hard Disk Drive 2 in  the Setup Utility are connected to the primary hard disk drive connector J8 on the Type A-1 system board, or J25 on the Type A-2 system board.
  2.  Check the hard disk drive jumper settings (see 'IDE-HDD Jumper Setting')
  3.  Check the voltages to the disk drive power connectors with the power on (see 'Power Supply')
  4.  Try to correct the drive setting in the 3 (SETUP) option in the Setup Utility.
  5.  Review the IDE Drive Info under Hardware Info in the Setup Utility.
  6.  Restart the system and check the Setup Utility.
  7.  In the Setup Utility, check that the correct drive size is set for the flagged drive shown in the Installed Devices list.

     If the problem remains, check the continuity on the drive cable and replace the cable if necessary. If that does not fix the  problem, replace the system board.

  8.  If an upgrade processor is installed, make sure that the processor speed shown is correct.

NOTE: The CD/DVD-ROM must be the last device installed and jumpers set correctly to be listed in the Setup Utility.

See > 'CD/DVD CD-ROM Disk Drive Jumper Settings'.

Also ensure the CD/DVD-ROM cable is installed in connector J30 on the Type A-1 system board or in connector J11 on the Type A-2 system board.

If any other adapter or device is flagged as Not Installed, run the Setup program.

Check to see if any adapter or device is set to a conflicting address with any other adapter or device. Also be sure that any adapter or device missing from the list is not set to Disabled

NOTE: If you cannot add a missing adapter or device to the list, the diagnostic code for the missing adapter or device is not on the diagnostic CD. Run the diagnostics provided with that device.

ZIP Drive

The factory installed ZIP drive operates in the same manner as a hard disk drive. The ZIP drive, in the Setup Utility, will display as a hard disk drive with a capacity of 100 MB.

The ZIP drive is jumpered as Slave. See 'ZIP Drive' for jumper settings. The following drive initialization information must be entered in the CMOS only when configuring the ZIP drive as the boot drive.

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