IBM Diagnostic Test Program - PC-Doctor


(IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics - developed by Watergate Software for IBM) 

The IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics are available on-line and can be downloaded from:

This IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics (PC-Doctor) will run on all IBM PC 300/700, and IntelliStation computer systems.

Starting the Diagnostics Program
Navigating Through the Diagnostics Program

  Diagnostic Error (XXX-XXX-XXX) Codes

  Known - PC Doctor - BUGs (Only if diagnostic version is 1.8.335 or below)

See > PC Doctor diagnostics skips/hangs testing with TAPE drive


The following FALSE error message may appear when running the IBM Enhanced Diagnostics  (PC-Doctor) Fixed Disk Controller


"Disk 0 Controller ......................
Controller data loopback failed, Wrote FFFFH, Read 00H."


- The system is a Netfinity 3500 (8644) or Intellistation (6898)
- The hard disk drive does not contain any data (ie. it is a new "blank" drive, it was just replaced, or it was just formatted)
- The diagnostic version is 1.8.335 or below

NOTE: The diagnostic version can be viewed by pressing <F10> on the main menu screen of the "IBM Diagnostics".

Do not replace any hardware as this is a false error message.

The false error message appears if the hard drive being tested does not contain any data or was just formatted.

The PC-Doctor HD Controller test reads the first sector on the drive (boot sector) and analyzes its contents to make sure that there are no stuck-high or stuck-low data lines.

If the hard drive has been partitioned, the first sector will contain boot and partition table data which can be read and allow the data lines to be tested.
The false error occurs on "blank" drives because the data appears to be set to all "zeros" and the loopback test fails.

Download a new IBM Enhanced Diagnostic Test version,
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