Why this EPRM - Acknowledgments

Why this EPRM / Acknowledgments

This documentation should help any IBM-trained technician (Dealer,Business Partner and maybe other persons who have needs for FRU P/N references. It should help, to make life easier and to 'DO IT RIGHT the FIRST TIME', because this will help us to have satisfied customers. This is also a faster way, to get actual information out to the field.

Lastly, but I think most IMPORTANTLY. If anyone, anywhere finds an EPRM-Bug, then please REPORT your findings to me.

The following is my own priority list:

  1.  EPRM Bug-changes (maybe your BUG-Report)
  2.  Update (Hint and tips, latest news)
  3.  NEW Machine Types
  4.  NEW Options (OBI)
  5.  Answering questions, about EPRM

Writing a EPRM is like a never ending story... there are new machine types to add, changes/updates, latest news and much more, every day/hour. But nevertheless I will do my best, and put all relevant informations into the EPRM's, when available and time enough to do so, because most is privat done (Homebrewed).

And now, let's start with Acknoledgments and Thank's

This booklet only could be done, because there exist the IBM-OS/2 IPF-Compiler for creating INF/HLP files. Thanks to this programmer(s), who built these simple to use, efficient famous TAG-language and the OS/2 IPF-Compiler.

Most sections inside the EPRM are 'STOLEN' from other IBM sources, as there are HMMs / REDBOOKs / OBI-Guides ... but no IBM-Confidential literature, or literature exclusively selled by IBM. They are only converted/rearranged and transferred to another media, and newly chained together. So, many Thanks to Harry Wilmot and all other unknown Author's.

In August-1995 the IBM-Greenock community start to help, providing me with text and graphic source code, so I can do it a faster way... building capters and pictures... Many thanks to the following people, for their cooperation and kindness:

David Hogg

Yvonne Ashcraft (Raleigh USA)
Gregory F. Burton Senior Program Administrator (USA)
Mark Langenbach (Raleigh USA)
Phillip Ravenscraft (Atlanta USA)
Carlos Parra (Canada)

Peter STEY (IBM Germany - Mainz)

Rinaldo PECORARI (IBM Italy - HW Support)

Many thanks to the Austrian FSG crew, (Beta-tester) especially to:

Andreas BAUER - Karl BRUNNBAUER - Christian BUTTA - Robert FILLAFER - Gabriele FLOH

Josef LECHNER - Andreas PLANK - Herbert RABL - Alberto SEPIA - Wolfgang ZUGRAV

and to Manfred BRAUN - Günter ROZUMILOVSKY

Thank's, to all

IBM-Dealer and IBM-colleagues all over Europe, may have some problems with all the previous and current releases, but please do not stop reporting errors, so we can make life a little bit easier (current and also in future times).

To my colleague and Co-writer

  Willy Florschütz

And last to my wife LINDA understanding why this is important and everytime I have need, supporting her husband with coffee.

  Friedrich Schmieder

IBM internal to schmiedef@vnet.ibm.com - or -

via Internet   to fschmieder@hotmail.com
or privat to schmied@ibm.net

The IPF-Compiler (Information Presentation Facility) is a part of IBM-OS/2 Developer's Toolkit.

The EPRMx documents contain 8100 pages (appr. 746000 text-lines, 3230 artworks - 7035 times used, 18860 internal and 2749 external links.)

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