Auto Setup for PC-DOS

Auto Setup for PC-DOS

This procedure using the setup option diskette, which displays a color-bar pattern before the setup main menu, is recommended for better image quality. If, however, something goes wrong and the diskette is stuck in the middle of this procedure, perform Quick Setup

To perform auto setup for PC-DOS or PC-DOS/V:

  1.  Start with the monitor and the PC turned off.
  2.  Turn on the monitor first; then turn on the PC.

    NOTE: The screen remains blue until the computer is ready.
     This is not a problem. If an error message is displayed

     If the message UNSUPPORTED VIDEO is displayed, or if nothing  is displayed, check that:

  3.  Insert the diskette labeled Setup Option Diskette (for DOS/Windows)  into the diskette drive.

    NOTE: The application programs included in the setup option diskettes  are used only for displaying the color-bar patterns. They are not for changing the display driver.

     Wait about 15 minutes until the monitor warms up.

    NOTE: If the monitor is in standby mode ("STANDBY ON"), it might  automatically turn off while you are waiting for it to warm up.  Exit standby mode (refer to explanation of STANDBY).

  4.  Display the command prompt screen of the PC-DOS full-screen display  by pressing Enter while pressing Alt.

  5.  If you are using PC-DOS/V, change to U.S. mode by typing CHEV US  and pressing Enter at the command prompt.
  6.  At the command prompt, type A: and press Enter.
  7.  Type TESTPATD and press Enter. The color-bar pattern appears:
     If, after a few seconds, the setup main menu appears and starts  automatically, go to step 11. If it does not appear  and start automatically, go to the next step.
  8.  Push the setup switch on the back of the monitor.
     The setup main menu appears:

  9.  Push one of the brightness control buttons to select AUTO SETUP.
  10.  Push one of the contrast control buttons. The AUTO SETUP line  changes to "START" and auto setup starts.
  11.  Wait until the "PRESS [ENTER] KEY" message is displayed (after 10 to 20 seconds).
  12.  Press Enter to continue the auto setup procedure.
     The AUTO SETUP line changes to "COMPLETED" when auto setup is complete.
     The screen might be distorted during setup. This is not a problem.
     If the screen flickers, go back to step 8 and redo the setup several  times until the flicker is minimized, or adjust it manually by doing manual setup (see Appendix A).

     If "AUTO SETUP COMPLETED" is not displayed
     If the setup main menu is on the screen, go back to step 9.  Otherwise, return to step 8. Repeat the auto setup procedure. If  the "AUTO SETUP FAILED" message appears, repeat the auto  setup procedure several times.

     If you still cannot complete the setup, adjust it manually by using manual setup, or contact the Display Business Unit (DBU) helpline.

  13.  Push the setup switch on the back of the monitor to turn off the setup main menu.

You have completed the monitor setup.

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