Step 3: Change Configuration Settings (8650)

Step 3: Change Configuration Settings

NOTE: If the administrator password entry prompt appears, you must  enter it to access the selection.

After adding adapters, select this choice to change the configuration, if necessary. If you change a setting in this step, you might need to change a switch or jumper setting on the system board or on a device. See 'System Configuration Utility Default Setting' for a listing of the default values.

All settings will remain in the default position if you do not use this selection to change the configuration.

If an administrator password is not set, the system prompts you to set an administrator password. You can press Esc to continue using the System Configuration Utility program without setting an administrator password.

Advanced Options

Press F9 to display the Advanced Options Menu screen. This screen provides options to display configuration data. You can select the following choices:

Option Description
Global Resource Map Lists allocated resources.
Board Details Provides details on the adapter
highlighted on the Change
Configuration Settings screen.
System Details Displays configuration data
on the entire system and its
present state of configuration.
Physical Board ID Lists the identifiers of adapters
physically installed in the system.

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