User Password (8650)

User Password

A user password is not required but helps to protect the information that is stored in the server and allows you to enable secure mode. It also allows you to write-protect the boot sector of a hard disk drive. Write-protecting the boot sector is a form of virus protection.

If a user password is set and then forgotten, it can be cleared from memory using a system board configuration switch. Refer to 'Clearing All Passwords (Switch A6A1-2)' for more information.

To set a user password in the Setup program, do the following.
  1.  Start the Setup program.
  2.  Select Set User Password on the Security Menu screen.

     The Set User Password screen appears.

  3.  Type the password in the Enter New  Password data field.
  4.  Press Enter.

     The cursor moves to the Confirm New Password data  field.

  5.  To verify that you typed the new password correctly,  type the password in the Confirm New Password data field.  If you did not type the correct password, you must re-enter the  password in the Enter New Password  data field.  Return to step 3
  6.  If you typed the correct password,  press Enter to save it.

The password becomes effective immediately after you save it.

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