Configuration Conflicts (8650)

Configuration Conflicts

The resources used by the server consist of interrupt request levels (IRQs), direct memory access channels (DMAs), I/O ports (for example, serial and parallel), and memory. This information is useful when a resource configuration conflict occurs.

Conflicts in the configuration occur if:

The steps required to resolve a configuration error depends on the number and variety of hardware devices and software programs that install. If a hardware configuration error is detected, a configuration error  message appears after the server completes POST, but before the operating system starts. You can bypass the error or start one of the configuration utility programs. Press Esc to bypass the error and load the operating system. Press F1 to start the Setup program. To start the SCU program, insert the diskette in the diskette drive and press F1. If the System Configuration Utility program resides on a hard disk drive, type SCU from the DOS prompt for the appropriate drive.

The Setup program and the System Configuration Utility program only configure the system hardware. These programs do not consider the requirements of the operating system or the application programs. See 'Resolving Software Configuration Conflicts' for additional information.

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