Viewing the RAID Configuration

Viewing the RAID Configuration

Before creating or changing a disk array, you can look at the current configuration by selecting View Configuration from the Main Menu of the RAID configuration program.

To view the disk-array configuration:
  1.  'Start the RAID configuration program' by  inserting the IBM SCSI-2 Fast/Wide PCI-Bus Adapter Configuration Option Diskette into the  primary diskette drive  and powering-on the system.  If the system already is powered-on,  press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

     Select Start RAID Configuration Program  from the PC DOS start-up menu,  the Main Menu appears.

  2.  Select View configuration.  The current disk-array configuration information  appears on the screen.
  3.  Press Enter to see the stripe order in the Bays Occupied  (Ch:Bay) field.  In the following example, data  for the B array is striped across  Channel 1 bay 4, Channel 1 bay 5, and  Channel 2 bay 1.


  4.  Press any key to return to the View Configuration screen.
  5.  Press Esc to return to the Main Menu.

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