Multiprocessor Error Indication (IP and FP Codes)

Multiprocessor Error Indication (IP and FP Codes)

During the early POST code, various multiprocessor bus errors might occur, if they do, the early POST code will display error information to the information panel in one of the following formats:


D Character denoting the type of board/card issuing the error as follows.

C for Processor Card
M for Memory Card
B for Bridge Card

S Slot number of the board/card issuing the error

If you receive an IP or FP error, do the following.
  1.  Replace the board/card issuing the error.
  2.  If replacing a FRU does not correct the problem, reinstallthe FRU you removed from the computer, then,  continue with the next step.
  3.  Remove all cards/boards of the same type identified by the error code one at a time until you locate the  failing card/board. (Example, if the error code identified a memory card and replacing the memory card in the  slot identified by the error codedoes not correct the problem, remove all memory cards one at a time until you locate  the failing board)

     If the problem remains, replace the FRUs in the following order.

    1.  Memory Card
    2.  Processor Card
    3.  Bridge Card
    4.  System Board

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