Setup Program (Type 8640/41)

Setup Program (Type 8640/41)

To access the Setup program:
  1.  Remove all diskettes from the server.

        Never start the Setup program while using the EISA Configuration program.

  2.  Power-on the server and watch the screen. Be ready to act quickly.
  3.  After the IBM logo screen appears and then quickly disappears,  you are prompted to Press <F1> or <F2> to enter SETUP .

     As soon as you see that prompt, press the correct F-key (F1 or F2).  If the Setup program screen doesn't appear,  restart the system and try again.

    NOTE:   If a configuration error occurs, a prompt appears  before the operating system starts (see 'Configuration Conflicts' ).

  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen to view or change the  configuration.

    You must correctly  exit from the Setup program  to save the configuration information.

  5.  Press Esc or  move the cursor to the Exit menu option on the menu bar.
  6.  Select Exit menu from the menu bar.
  7.  Select Save changes and exit.

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