System Board Locations

System Board Connections

W12/W31 Speaker
W18/W37 Power LED (1-2)
W24/W38 IDE Hard Drive LED
W35 CPU Fan Connector
W36 CPU Fan Connector

J1/J2/J26 Power Supply Connector
P1 to J1 / P2 to J2 / P3 to J26

J6 Mouse Connector
J8 Keyboard Connector
J9 Parallel Port Connector
J10 Floppy Drive Connector
J11 Serial Port Comm A
J12 Serial Port Comm B
J13 ISA IDE Connector
N/A SCSI LED on Option Card
N/A SCSI Device Connector
(on SCSI Option Card)

System Board Jumpers

W1 L1 Cache Mode
Open = Write-Back (default)
Closed = Write-Through

W2 Reserved (Open)
W5 L2 Cache Size
Pin 1-2 = 256K / Pin 2-3 = 512K

W6 CPU Clock
Pin 1-2 Pentium® 60/90MHz
Pin 2-3 Pentium® 66/100MHz

W10 L2 Cache Size
Pin 1-2 = 256K / Pin 2-3 = 512K

W11 Reserved (2-3)
W16 Reserved (1-2)
W17 Reserved Closed

W20 Monitor Select
Open = Monochrome / Closed = Color

W21 Reserved Closed
Open = AT style Keyboard
Closed = PS/2 style Keyboard/Mouse

W22 Reserved Open
W23 Reserved Open

W25 ISA IDE IRQ select
Pin 1-2 = ISA IDE using IRQ 14 (Primary default)
Pin 2-3 = ISA IDE using IRQ 15 Secondary

W30 Reserved Open

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