Defining the Start Options

Defining the Start Options

Start options take effect when you start the server.

You can select keyboard operating characteristics, such as the keyboard speed. You can also specify whether the keyboard number lock starts on or off.

The server uses a startup sequence to determine the diskette drive, hard disk drive, or network adapter from which the operating system will be loaded. You can specify up to four devices in the Startup Device data fields. For example, you can define a startup sequence that checks for a startable diskette in the primary diskette drive, then checks the hard disk drive in bay 1.

You can enable the server to run without checking for the presence or state of a monitor, keyboard, or diskette drive. The devices are disabled after the power-on self test (POST) completes and the operating system has loaded. This allows you to enter a password and update the Configuration/Setup utility program in keyboardless operation, and to start the system programs from the Reference Diskette in disketteless operation.

You can select the tests that the server runs at startup. This includes the SureTest BIOS test tool and a virus detection test. In addition, you can also choose whether to run the power-on self test (POST) in enhanced or quick mode.

Select Start Options, then use the Left Arrow (<) and Right Arrow (>) keys to advance through each data field.

The Start Options choice appears only on the full Configuration/Setup menu.

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