Defining System Security

Defining System Security

To control access to the server, you can implement several of the security measures described in the User's Reference  , including defining two levels of password protection, securing diskette access, and a system owners name that displays during startup.

  1.  The default values for all security-related data fields are given in 'Setup Program Default Settings Type 8641 (Models EZO, EZV, EZL, EZS, EZE)' and 'Setup Program Default Settings (Models MZO, MZV, MZS, MZE, MZL)'
  2.  The System Security choice appears only on  the full Configuration/Setup menu.

After you set the power-on or administrator password, Enter password  appears on the screen each time you power-on the server. (The passwords do not appear on the screen as you type them.) When you enter the correct password, OK  appears on the screen. If you enter the wrong password, Incorrect password  appears on the screen, and Enter password  is again displayed. After three incorrect attempts, you must power-off the server and start again.

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