Micro Channel Configuration

Micro Channel Configuration

Select Micro Channel Configuration to view or change the configuration of Micro Channel devices.

The Micro Channel Configuration screen appears, displaying the status of adapters in the Micro Channel slots.

To configure a Micro Channel adapter, or to change configuration settings on a Micro Channel adapter, the system prompts you to insert the Reference Diskette.

The system programs Main Menu appears, and displays the following choices.
  1.  Start operating system
  2.  Backup of system diskettes
  3.  Set/View Micro Channel Configuration
  4.  Copy an option diskette
  5.  Test the computer

The Set/View Micro Channel Configuration utility program allows you to work with the configuration information for Micro Channel adapters. See 'Using the System Diskettes' for additional instructions.

Press F3 to return to the Configuration/Setup menu without changing the Micro Channel adapter configuration.

Micro Channel adapters and some other options are supplied with an Option Diskette. This diskette has files that the server uses to recognize the new option and set it up to operate correctly.

The Micro Channel Configuration choice appears only on the full Configuration/Setup menu.

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