Starting the EISA Configuration Diskette

Starting the EISA Configuration Diskette

Using a backup copy of the EISA Configuration Diskette can prevent damage to the original diskette (see 'Backing Up the EISA Configuration Diskette' ).

To start the EISA Configuration Diskette, do the following:
  1.  Insert the EISA Configuration Diskette into the diskette drive.
  2.  Power-on the computer, or if it is already on,  shut down the operating system and restart the computer.
  3.  When the first screen appears, type CF and  press Enter.  Follow the instructions on the screen until the main menu, Steps in configuring the computer, appears.
  4.  Use the Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key  to advance through the items on the screen.  Use the Tab key to select choices on the bottom of the screen.  Press the Esc key to return to a previous menu.
  5.  Press Enter to make a selection.
  6.  Follow the instructions on the screen to view or change (edit)  the configuration information.

NOTE: Adapters installed in the server appear automatically on the EISA Configuration screens after  you copy the adapter’s configuration file (file with an extension of .CFG ) to the EISA Configuration Diskette. If you want to manually add an adapter that you have not yet installed in the server, add it using Step 2 from the menu.

To configure ISA adapters, follow the instructions on the screen.

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