Using the System Diskettes

Using the System Diskettes

NOTE: Always use the backup copy of the system diskettes when configuring and troubleshooting the server.

To start the System Diskettes:
  1.  Insert the backup copy of the  Reference Diskette into the primary diskette drive.
  2.  Power-on the system. Or, if the system is powered-on, insert  the Reference Diskette and press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

    The system begins the power-on self test.  If a power-on or administrator password is set, the system prompts you to  enter it.

    NOTE:   If an administrator password is set,  you must  enter it to access the Reference and Diagnostic  Diskettes.

     After a few moments, the system programs Main Menu appears, and displays  the following choices.

    1.  Start operating system
    2.  Backup of system diskettes
    3.  Set/View Micro Channel Configuration
    4.  Copy an option diskette
    5.  Test the computer

  3.  Use the Up Arrow (  ) key or the Down Arrow (  ) key  to highlight a choice, then press Enter.

You can get help about any selection by highlighting it and pressing F1. The active keys are shown at the bottom of the screen.

When you finish making changes:
  1.  Press F3 to exit without saving the changes.
  2.  Press Enter to save the changes. You are prompted to  restart the computer so that the changes will take effect.

You can get online help for each task by pressing F1.

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