Internal Drive Bays (Disk-Array Models)

Internal Drive Bays (Disk-Array Models)

Internal drives are installed in bays . The bays are numbered 1 through 10.

Cover plates  (sometimes called bezels ) cover the front of some installed drives. If you install a drive that uses removable media (diskette, optical disc, or tape), you might need to remove or change the cover plate.

The following table shows the widths, types, and maximum heights for the drives that you can install in each bay.

Table 3 Maximum Allowable Drive Sizes (Disk-Array Models)

Bay Drive Width Drive Type Maximum Drive Height
1-6 3.5-inch Hard disk 41.3 mm (1.6 inches)
7 5.25-inch CD-ROM 41.3 mm (1.6 inches)
8, 9 3.5-inch Diskette 1 25.4 mm (1 inch)
10 3.5-inch Hard disk 25.4 mm (1 inch),
with a drive in bay 9
41.3 mm (1.6 inches),
with no drive in bay 9


  1.  Or a drive that connects to the diskette  cable. Be sure the holes in the drive align with the drive housing.

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